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Mindful Observation: Day 15

Someone very close is ill. Reeling under fever since last three months and not an iota of infection found in the body. Doctors are puzzled and no diagnosis has been reached yet. In and out of ICU two times. As a family, it is an extremely broken feeling. To see someone suffering like this and me merely watching and praying. Helplessness is hitting hard. Keeping aside the emotions (the hurt, the pain, the anger, the whys, and acceptance), how can we deal with the situation. Which technique/model/formula taught by self-help gurus can come to aid in times like this. Nothing. Only experiencing it and going with life flow. Throw any tantrum or kneel your knees, nothing is in control. Just keep bouncing the balls life throws at you. We really are alone in our suffering. Watching the ill person suffer, and we being helpless watchers.

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