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Productiveness eludes! Failure pricks!


Mindful Observation: Day 16

Productiveness is not synonymous with me. Whiling away time is my second nature. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, I am enroute making more unsuccessful attempts. On prodding deeper, I have come to realise that this is not an unproductive life but a life I have consciously created. In a worldly world, this is a disaster but in my space of heart, this is a life I had always wanted. A free life. An unchained life. The universe has been gracious enough to grant me this. Even as a child, I was disinterested in accumulating certificates of degree, for jobs and earning a living. While this is blasphemous but true. I envisaged living a free life path that would turn as and when desired. Gratitude!


Mindful Observation: Day 17

Have been trying to start afresh in some aspect of my life but failing repeatedly. Have struggled a lot in this area but nothing concrete has come to the fore. While things like these take time, I have already invested (wasted) many years. I strive hard to tame this tiger but am also aware it goes against the grain to gain success. Till then, trusting the process.

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