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I am a dreamer! Period!



I am a dreamer! Period.

And it ends at that. Meaning, I just dream and leave the rest for existence to play it out. I accept the outcome grumpily or happily depending on the outcome. I work towards making my dreams come true but to an extent. Beyond certain capacities, I give up. And when I say that, I think I am talking more in reference to things I merely like, but not love. Cooking everyday meals for example. It’s something that I do because it has to be done. To fill the tummy. I make healthy and delectable food but only to an extent. I won’t slog unnecessarily. Beyond that, I find it waste of time. I would prefer to read or write or watch something that fills my soul.

Then there are some things which I do for love. I will go the extraa mile in making them work. Preparing special meals for instance. Be it baking a cake, steaming idlis, making toasts and tea/coffee, I put my soul into the process. I derive immense joy out of it. Writing this blog is another love of mine, and among a few consistencies in my life. No one reads it and yet I write because it gives me joy. It has no sales pitch, no purpose, no readership levels to attain. It is just a random blog that I write and only I read. Yet, I strive. Making space for my solitude is another endearing effort of mine. I ensure I get tea/coffee and me-time. And my space to dream randomly. Rest all are the responsibilities to be tackled. With age, I am acing that too in my fumbling ways.


Even the choice of my TV shows are a dreamy one, far away from the real life. I am a total Hallmark consumer. “The Good Witch” show for example. It’s a show I have binge-watched unabashedly, repeatedly. A sweet little world with sweet little problems and even sweeter solutions. Pretty much the kind of world I would love to have around.


Till now, life has served me well (touchwood) in spite of throwing the curve balls that I don’t rant about much here. My dreams have sustained me. My dream world is very much thriving in spite of the reality rain-check I keep getting. For most parts of my hardships, it is these dreams that have given me hope of a happier and brighter times ahead. It is these dreams that have stood me up when there was no reason to smile. It is these dreams that have comforted me when the world got scary. It is these dreams that accompanied me when everyone else flew away. It is these dreams that have made my life a dreamlife.


In this world of worshiping hustling culture, I was finding it hard to sustain my belief in slow and simple living. Yet, here I stand today with the world accompanying me in living simple and slow. Discovering a new way of life where merely being healthy and alive is the chief concern. For the rest of worries, the world has halted temporarily.



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