My Soulitude

Pandemic, Hunger and Survival!

It’s difficult being in a Quarantine bubble right now. The Tv screens share some of the ground realities every then and now. Hungry migrant workers on the streets. Standing in queues for hours to get some morsels. Barely enough to sustain the whole family. Migrants holding back their tears amidst a crisis that has hit them the hardest. How long can you survive on food given by NGOs, administration and other helping hands. The situation needs better management. Tough times call for tough measures but also empathy. Squeezing their already hardened life is way too much. A pain we can feel sitting in our homes. My gratitude is criss-crossing into guilt.

The healing touch is also the need of the hour apart from the helping hand. To sleep hungry for nights together and not knowing from where the next meal is coming from is a situation no one should ever be forced into. My heart goes out to them. The lockdown may take more time to ease than what we expect. The government needs to open its eyes and take some measures to help these migrants reach home. Our planning experts should act in time to ensure the well being of the building blocks of our society. We can fight corona but fighting the unrest in society may prove to be difficult.

May this cruel situation ends for them soon. Praying diligently every day. It’s difficult being in a bubble right now but ironically that is how I can best contribute in easing the pandemic.

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