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Merry X-mas! The year has come full circle

(Video credit: All preparations by the sister and brother)


From 2018 Xmas to last year’s X-mas to this year’s, which is today, life has come full circle. This complete cycle of an year has been a beautiful journey, along with its challenges, of course. It has been a resplendent year marked by uninhibited family time, as I have been saying in all my posts. I am blessed when I say this, that all of us, who celebrated X-mas last year, are together this year too looking forward to celebrate this beautiful day of December. As it is, December is the bestest time of the year and when you have celebrations planned the whole day with family, what more can you ask for. Gratitude. A family brunch followed by Xmas drink, songs, movie, and enjoying a cozy winter day. Wishing well for everyone in and around and all across the planet. May we all overcome the pandemic, and the challenges sprouting henceforth.

Today, all I want to think and feel and give is happiness, love and gratitude. All things positive for the life we have been blessed with. For the abundance in our lives, for the people, for the work, for the health and everything we have been bestowed with. A special mention for the parents who ensure we all stay together and party together and make all good things possible in our lives. Merry xmas to all!



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