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What am I reflecting upon on last day of 2020 !

year-end reflections
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It’s hard to skip introspection and reflection on the last day of the year. As it is, December 31 floods the mind and heart with the imprints of the year gone-by and provides hope for the year to come. It is also true nothing changes drastically as we step into the new year. It’s all a consistent and conscious change. Yet, we should take this opportunity to reflect and set aspirations for the time ahead.

For the longest time, I refused to believe in the power of efforts and the power of now. I ignorantly believed whatever has to happen will happen. Yes, that’s true. Birth and death will happen when they have to happen. But what happens in between holds the key to our lives. And to realise this simple fact took me the longest years of my life. I kept on believing if something is in my destiny, it will come up. To a certain degree it’s true. But to let your life while away simply because of this fact is a waste of your time on this earth.

My biggest learning this year is, a lot of your personality and “sanskars” are build by simply re-tuning your belief systems. I learnt that a lot is still in our control even if nothing that happens in life is under our control. I got the answer to one question I always asked myself, “Are we mere puppets in God’s hands? Simply receiving what he plans our way. What are we there on earth for? Is anything under our control?

The answer is yes and no. While we receive what we sow, our present actions have the power to change what we reap in future. It empowers me to no end.

May you all have a lovely last day of 2020, and a very happy 2021.

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