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Moving circle of life! Then and here…

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Mindful Observation: Day 10

Procrastination is a serious threat. It is a strong deterrent in way of achieving the life you want. I have been a victim and continues to be so even now. However, procrastination comes to the fore only in things that seem hard to do and doesn’t align with our interest. As a very basic example, reading is such a hard task for some that they procrastinate while for some, reading is a joy and they find windows to read no matter what. Here, not reading will not amount to procrastination as it is more of an interest thing. The same person who procrastinated reading will joyfully jump to do something that interests him, while the voracious reader will procrastinate something he dislikes.

Procrastination is apt for societal functioning where we need a structure for the world to run smoothly. At a deeper level, it simply means those tasks hold no importance for you as a person but you need to do them in the societal set-up.


Mindful Observation: Day 11

Consistency is another area I fail frequently. I start with a bang but fail to sustain. But here again, it is an issue with things that hold relatively less importance in my life. With things I am passionate about, I am quite consistent. It’s again more of a deeper nature than what appears on surface. The life situation you have, the choices you have, your journey and so on. Some people have consistent work profile. They work in companies for years and manage change well. Some, like me, never have linear work profile. We switch often and are mostly lost. Rather than a trait, consistency is again a choice we never make. We have fluid minds.


Mindful Observation: Day 12

While getting up today, the clock showed 7 am. It set my thoughts wandering how the wheel of life is running and I have come to a place where my body is 41 years old, and my father’s 70. There was a time when 7 am meant all set for school, and today in the circle of life, it has come to staying at home with no place to go (Corona times). In a flashback, I saw my young father getting me ready for school. My body that of a 10-year-old and his 40. It stuck hard. Small time left on this earth for many things together. Cherish the present.



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