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My Self-Love Confessions!

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It’s hard to chew but I have found a pattern. Self-love is guilt-ridden. Rarely, sometimes, mostly, but it is. Especially when it comes at a price. When I have a free day with no commitments, taking out time for myself is perfectly okay. But when it’s a day where I am drowned with one thing after the other and gasp for free time, the self-love struggle gets real.

  • If I choose the next ‘to-do’, I regret putting myself on a backburner
  • If I choose myself, I regret ignoring the ‘to-do’, thinking what if it needed me to be present.

This brings out an inherent tug-of-war and the question, “Is self-love selfish?” Do you have anything to say?

Will address this aspect in one of the posts this month, the month of self-love.

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