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Slow & Simple Living——My Self-Love ‘S’

simple slow living is what I aspire for
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Another two ‘S’ in my self-love journey are:

  1. Slow life
  2. Simple life

Which when combined form ‘Slow & Simple’ living.

What does ‘Slow & Simple’ living mean to me? Customising life as per individualistic aspirations. Choosing my life’s pace and tweaking it every then and now as per my needs and wants. Choosing these two self-love tools was an organic process. It was a gift and not something I had to chase. It was just there in my genes, in my bones, in my heart and soul. I was born with it. As a teenager, I questioned the essence of striving to be someone I didn’t want to be. When the age was ripe for me to reach for the stars (read my 20s), I yearned to slow down and smell the water-sprinkled ground. I wanted to feel complete in the present while striving for brighter future. Rather than the destination, I aspired to enjoy the journey of moving into adulthood.

Being young, I was unaware of the chasm until I reached an age and time where I knew. That day, I rebelled. I chose a path where I knew I would enjoy the ride not just the outcome. To seek what I don’t want to seek was the biggest pretense, so I dropped it to unveil my authentic self. It’s hard to imagine a 16, 26 or 36-year-old who craves a slow simple life through society standards. For me, it was the obvious choice.


“Why live a retired life during youth?” someone once asked me.

“Why not live a retired life during youth?” I asked.

“Because you retire at 60, not 30,” came the answer.

“You retire from govt job at 60, not life,” I answered.


That’s the chasm, We identify life through our job.” I consider “job” a small part of my life. Here lies all the difference. Not everyone is made for greater things in tangible form. The best player, the best actor, the best swimmer, the best performer, these tags never lured me. I seek a mediocre ordinary tangible life but fuller existence in terms of joy, happiness and bliss.


My self -love spills over in chasing a life that

  1. Enrichens my soul not just bank balance.
  2. Allows ‘joy’ as the motivation to work and not the other way round.
  3. Provides me the luxury to switch off when needed and slog when passion burns bright.
  4. Prioritises plenty of ‘me-time’,
  5. Allows flexibility.
  6. Follows no stringent deadlines.
  7. Allows opening the doors to friends and neighbours whenever they seek.
  8. Gives room for taking an unknown turn to explore nothingness.
  9. Lends an open time window when anyone calls and say, “Can you help me today.”


What choices have you made to love yourself?

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