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Potpourri of Emotions!

Mindful Observation: Day 20

Things keep falling off your closet or kitchen cabinet or any random place in house when you want them intact (OCD behaviour) but God forbid, if a need arises for one particular thing, it vanishes into thin air, don’t know how. Is it a law of nature or mere coincidence?


Mindful Observation: Day 21

A house can house as many tables and storage units as possible and still it won’t be enough to accommodate random stuff that keeps collecting on an everyday basis. Unexpected grocery items, sanitisers, tissues, clutches, towels, guests’ handbags (with sanitisers, masks and what not), water glass and bottle, munching plates, clothes air dried, etc. My day is still lost in silly, frivolous things that doesn’t count nor matter but eat the whole day. They suck the energy and add to the guilt of unproductiveness.


Mindful Observation: Day 22

How much of a temper is habitual and how much hormonal? There are days when I seem to have mastered the art of conquering anger and some days where I lose it all. And that’s what is worrisome. In spite of reading and journalling, emotions still play hide and seek and make me their puppet. Self control is a tedious path that seems to go on forever.


Mindful Observation: Day 23

Most of my observations today have an air of negativity and frustration because that’s what’s dominating the mind space at the moment. Firstly, for not posting for three days and giving in to inconsistency again. Secondly, the feeling that’s dominating life by and large is that of frustration and failure for not being able to find the key to something I desire. Might have mentioned before, but being lost forever can take a toll.

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