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The balance of fasting!

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Mindful Observation: Day 18

Limitation creates fantasy. Abundance sets you free. Is this true? On any given day, I may not imagine food and satiety. But on a fasting day, food becomes fantasy. The whole day, a sense of hollow stomach itches me, while on a regular day, I may not even eat a morsel and am fine with it. I have often wondered how this mind works. The restriction creates an urgency and sets my mind on it rather than freeing me from its thoughts. Food may not be the central driving force of my regular day but on a fasting day, it surely does. That’s why keeping fast has not been a pleasant experience yet. While I am fully aware of fasting benefits and how my stomach feels light and happy, but taming the mind is still a WIP. My real fasting success will be when I am free from thoughts of food. Full control over mind and body that ironically comes with practice, and for practice you need to pass through these phases of varied kinds. Everything seems a vicious (or pious) circle


Mindful Observation: Day 19

Mind runs in extremes. From one pendulum to another, it keeps moving to and fro. Finding that balance holds the key to many life’s successes and yet here I stand. Either I hog or fast. Sit all day or exercise rigorously. Write a blog post almost every day or don’t write at all. Even being aware of this balance I struggle to find it in most things in life. Writing 500 words every day is murkier but dream of penning a book some day is still intact. Words may have to flow from air then. Control over mind and body entails practice and this is precisely where I lack.



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