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Did I shut the sun out?


sun and clouds


The sun has been shining intermittently. The clouds have been hovering for a while. Seems, both are reliving their childhood, playing hide-and-seek or peek-a boo. When the clouds come, my heart dances. I go out, look at the beautiful surroundings and smile. Suddenly, the sun comes up. I step inside, disappointed. I draw up the curtains and get busy with my chores. Again, the clouds come. I flung open the curtains. I rush outside to see the clouds in the sky. I become a part of their game, uninvitedly & unknowingly.

The rules have been laid. The lines have been drawn. I prefer clouds over the sun at this time of the year. We both make a team. But, only in summers. The rules change in winters. My loyalties shift towards the sun. It’s the clouds versus us then. The sun I am shutting out now is the same sun I welcome lovingly in winters. The sun I am wishing away now is the same I pray for when the temperature drops. The sun I am drawing my curtains to now is the same I open my home and heart to in the cold. The sun I am running away from is the same I devour for hours on a sunny December afternoon.

My indifference is at its zenith towards the ultimate and unconditional giver. Yet, it gives me the much-needed warmth in winters without the filter of hurt. In this little game of the sun and the clouds, I got my profound life lesson.

When faced with someone’s fury, wrath, or mere indifference, it’s not always about you or them. Sometimes, it’s just the life that happens. The wants, the expectations, the seasons change. May be it’s their summer, or yours. And the curtains are drawn simply because the heat needs to be blocked. It’s the simple law of nature. Let the winters arrive, and the algorithm will change again. Even if it doesn’t, why worry? Just be your true loving self, unapologetically & unconditionally. Like the sun.


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