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A Glass and a Joker’s Pain!

The Pain of a Broken Glass!


pain of broken glass
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Today was no different than yesterday. I got up with the same resolve to have a productive day and ended up with another day of broken promises. The hollowness of scattered glass pieces can only be felt by the glass that has been broken. An unscathed glass can never understand how one can break. It takes pride in its beauty and usage. It sparkles, shines and serves. It doesn’t know what it feels to be unwanted. Until, God forbid, it breaks.


Joker’s Pain

joker pain
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Today for the first time, Kayash, now 34, understood the pain of Raj Kapoor in the movie, “Mera naam joker.” As a child, he could never understand the fuss surrounding the movie. Once his grandmother cried through the night after watching the movie. He knows because he used to sleep with her every day. Another time, he saw his otherwise roaring father shedding a tear secretly and sharing his pain of public humiliation with him, thinking Kayash was just a child and would remember nothing ever. Except he did.

Not then, but now, when he was 34. The scenes from those two teary nights zipped past through him today when his pain threshold of always being the butt of jokes gave away. For the first time, he felt the unbearable pain in his heart. Always laughing away the blues of people’s red remarks, today Raghav was somehow unable to do so. Why, he thought. He would never take public criticism to heart, be it by anybody. He was always the subject of sarcastic laughing jokes and he used to laugh them away, never taking to his heart. But today, the heart was full. No more seeping of pain. So, it overflowed. Today, he could see through the joker’s pain.


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