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October’s sweet chill warms the heart!  

october best month
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It’s that time of the year again. The woollens are to be shown the sun, the cotton ones need to be washed and packed. The house looks and feel splendid when sun rays filter through the windows. The same windows on which we draw curtains in summers now have the luxury of being free from the veil. They are allowed to welcome the October sun.

Solitude has a sweet smell, and so does people, in balance. Cooking draws a new flavour. Cafes look enticing, yet again. Sun bathing never finds a perfect weather than October. You can bear the morning sun rays and not feel cold too. I find it hard to believe I have been watching sun rise from my building for last two days. Walking draws more boot than it ever has. You don’t sweat like a pig.

Cosiness takes over the exasperating summer months. Going outdoors during day time is shunned no more. Everything seems to take a yes mode.

Yes, October is here, right in the middle.

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