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Corona Lockdown: Every day is a criss-cross of gratitude and guilt!

Corona, migrants, guilt and gratitude
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Hope everyone is doing fine! The work from home has been extended till May 3. So you better start making it joyful if you are still despising it. My lockdown story is nothing special. It’s just like you and several other Indians who are stuck at home and facing the first-world problems like doing the dishes, sweeping, dusting, laundry, cooking, and being bored occasionally. Yes, occasionally only. I love staying at home and solitude. You can read more .

One thing, however, that has been hovering over my head is the emotions fluctuating from gratitude to guilt. Since my Tv screen highlighted the plight of migrants flocking Delhi few days back and Mumbai today, my little quarantine bubble has burst. I was happily whiling away my time during the lockdown doing many chores. But ever since those images have flashed the screens, it has kept me uneasy. Every time I enjoy my meal or a cup of tea sitting in my home and being grateful, I can’t help but think about millions of those people sleeping hungry in a shelter home and craving for just one thing, their homes. What a luxury I have to be at my home with my husband, and my parents with the siblings and order the essentials I need.

The guilt arises, and my heart goes out for those for whom being in their native homes is a shining dream. The emotions keep swinging from gratitude to guilt, and vice-versa too. I feel the guilt for not being able to do anything for them. For how life has been unfair to them. Every time my heart gets filled with gratitude, the guilt comes hopping by too. While I know the guilt doesn’t serve any purpose, yet the feeling of helplessness do take over. I try to overcome that by praying for them every time the guilt comes by, but still can’t completely deny its existence.

Praying diligently for this hardship to be over for the migrant population of India and everyone stuck somewhere. Awaiting a peaceful resolution of the situation in a few days’ time. May everyone fight the deadly Corona within the confines of their homes with their loved ones. And being immensely grateful for what we have been given.

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