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Happy Lohri! Celebrate Life, Celebrate You!

happy lohri
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Festivals are a great way to celebrate life, and our country is a shining example of cherishing every season. Today, as we celebrate Lohri, I look around my surroundings- the rich harvest in the fields, birds chirping, people going about their lives in their best ways, the winter fog, the chill in the air and the Lohri fire to send winters away–I thank God for this beautiful planet. I pray for everyone’s prosperity. May every life become a sacred act of worship and gratitude, lived to the full.

Dance you fears away, burn the insecurities, shout out your needs aloud to the universe, say a small prayer in front of the fire, wish well for every creature, and celebrate the unique you!

Wishing everyone a happy and auspicious Lohri.

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