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House Was Home, Yet Again!

He came back home after a long day at work. Must be around 8 pm when he rang the bell. The beaming wife opened the door, smilingly. He smiled back and the house was home again. As she offered him a glass of water, she asked, “How was the day?” The husband replied, “How was it supposed to be? I was at work, not movies.”

The home became silent again, just as it was when the two were living their respective lives during the day. For an hour, no one spoke. The husband bathed while the wife sulked. This was nothing new, it never is in a marriage. After the long silence, the sulking wife turned the tables by asking, “Will you have dinner?”  The husband willingly replied, “Yes please. Can you make me a cup of tea too, please.”  The wife obliged. The husband warmed his dinner while the wife made tea.

The house was home, yet again!

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