My Soulitude

Preserving the moment!

Sitting in a room having a huge window overlooking the highway. Some cars, bus honks, trucks, two-wheelers, and trees and the open clear sky. The sun is shining at the back spreading the warmth and sunlight through another window of another room.

Wanted to preserve with some pictures but facing difficulty uploading. Now, the ice-cream has suddenly come into picture. I am yet to savour it as I am typing.

For some minutes, I was interrupted and indulged in shallow talks. A is working from home sitting on a dining table. It’s just me, A and the sister at home. I plan to read for a while, and take a nap followers by tea.

For some worthy information, today is Sharad Purnima, a very auspicious day. We made prasad late night yesterday and kept it under moonlight. Today, I plan to meditate a bit under the full moon. Also, today is garbare, about which I mentioned sometime before but don’t exactly remember when.

Tomorrow, it’s S (bhabhi’s) baby-shower. A small family gathering and lunch. So, the three of us will be leaving for hometown tonight. Parents and brother already there.

This is what my present moment is all about. So mundane, basic, devoid of any importance. And this present moment is all I have, and it’s very precious and pious.

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