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The 40th birthday in lockdown!

The 40th birthday was pretty decent. Just what one can expect during lockdown and covid scare. A cake was cut with families on video call, mom dad composed a poem for me, sister sang a song, and brother and bhabhi danced a bit, all online. Oh what fun it is to celebrate birthday amidst lockdown.


A (the husband) squeezed in a cake, balloons, pizza, pasta, garlic bread and a b’day cap. Yes, for 40 year old me. Rest of the day was just the way I like my day to be. Watching the sun go down.


One notable thing was, and it was quite a revelation, my social life is not as thud as I imagine it. There were phone calls all through the day and lots of messages on social media. And I thought I lived under a rock. So much gratitude for every single person who cared to wish me.

May God bless all!

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