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The winters have arrived!

Winters have come


It’s that time of the year again. The winters have arrived and brought along immense joy and happiness, as always. With a chill in the air and hide-and-seek of the sun, my heart feels all the love and magic all around. Winters is all about sipping tea, soups, devouring maggi, peanut chikki, savouring the sun, an afternoon walk, folding hands around the shoulders, less dust in the air and a lot of romance in the heart. Everything transforms into a beauty. I feel like dancing in gay abandon wearing smart, cozy winters clothes.


“As the temperature dips, my joy grows manifold,

The winters have arrived and brought along a lot in its fold.

The love, the magic, the yearning for bliss,

Oh, I can’t wait to feel the heavenly kiss.”



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